When I am not working on my projects, I am exploring other creative things.

UI Design

DW  Thumbnail.png
CRM Thumbnail.png
Relyance Thumbnail.png
Chick fil a.gif
Coffee ordering flow for Summer Moon Caf
Favor Dribbble shot.png


Che Guevera ( 7'x10' Acrylic on Canvas)
Right to dream (7'x10')
Recreated my favorite painting by Anna B
Homage to APJ Abdul Kalam (5'x6')
Commissioned Work ( 1'x2' Acrylic on Can
This is how I write my name in Devnagri

Visual Design

Layout Design - Handbook.png
Data Privacy Web.png
Infographic - Home buyer checklist.png
Brochure Design.png
Fashion Illustration.jpg
Woman illustration.png
Illustration - Likes.png
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